The end results of a dubious policy, part 1

With much of the work complete, let’s take a look at how the Borough has been “beautified”. Click on photos for full resolutions.
curb on the 400 block of RunnymedeCurb fix on the 400 block of Runnymede.

Un-level sidewalk on Runnymede.

Hard to see in the photo, but there is an incline where the two blocks meet, a good inch or more above the rest of the sidewalk.

curb on the 400 block of Runnymede

Curb work on 400 block of Runnymede. Where once there was no hump, now there is.

IMG_0108The Borough is giving slate sidewalks and curbings a pass. This is thus considered up to code and consistent with its “beautification program.” This is on Hillside.

IMG_9410The DPW guys were okay with this crack in a walkway. This is on Hillside.

IMG_9380Tree belt or no tree belt? This is on the 300 block of Runnymede.



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