End Results of a Dubious Policy, Part 3

IMG_0571 This homeowner apparently found a contractor desperate for work or perhaps, their first commission. How lucky for our community that this meets code.

IMG_0574 At the August Council meeting, Borough Manager George Locke assured Council that over time, the differences between the old and new will fade.

IMG_0577 More beautification, except that when it comes to streetscapes, what you look for is consistency. Would you accept this if it were carpeting or flooring for your home?

IMG_0580 Not only bricks, but pavers laid well within the last twenty years, get a pass as well.

IMG_0583This shows a point on the curve on Runnymede where it also bottoms out, providing a funneling area for rain water. Apparently, a zero-clearance between asphalt and the soil behind a now-buried curb meets code. Living near this spot, I can attest to the level of stormwater that rushes down the street to this point. Seems to me that quite a lot of it will end up on the sidewalk above the drain, causing further damage to the older portion of the sidewalk. In the winter, the plows will almost certainly ride up over the top of that curb as well. This meets code.


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