Why vote for Jenkintown’s write-ins?

Because Jenkintown deserves discussion, civility, and disclosure from our Borough government.

The three write-in candidates for office here in Jenkintown have issued their talking points explaining their positions. These fully explain why Walkable Jenkintown fully supports this write-in effort, if for no other reason than to remind the entrenched council that too many Jenkintonians can’t count on a fair hearing or even basic respect from our Council. We are dismissed, shut out, and even bullied for daring to question the party line.

Jenkintown Borough Council has cast 112 votes in a row without a single nay. That should give anyone some concern about the tolerance for debate on that board and in the general community. Twelve people on the board and no one disagrees? Ever?

Why vote for the write-ins, Peggy Downs for Mayor, Ryan Cella for Council, Ward 4, and Ted Histand, for Ward 3?

1.Time for new leadership and fresh voices…

  • To be in service to the community, rather than to party politics
  • Changing the culture to encourage community involvement
  • Acting as a voice of the residents and business operators

2.Time for our government to enforce our codes and laws in a fair, consistent, and timely fashion…

  • In order to maintain and preserve the character of our community, our public safety, our property values and our historic and diverse housing stock

3. Time for our policy decisions and budgeting to be fully transparent.

  • Detailed Agendas in advance
  • live stream of EVERY meeting
  • Detailed minutes and accessibility to recordings of every council session
  • Proposed Budgets posted online BEFORE they are approved

4. Time to Follow the priorities of our newly developed 2035 Comprehensive Plan…

  • Which clearly sets forth revitalization of our Town Center as the top priority for our limited investment resources (supported by survey data)

Download a PDF of these talking points and feel free to spread them around.