Affordable does not always mean low-cost, especially with housing

The difference between an Affordable Housing unit and low-quality housing is the difference between buying a new Toyota Camry at a 75% discount (courtesy of the government) after winning a lottery (since no car maker likes to sell below cost) and buying a used Nissan Versa yourself because it’s all you can afford, gets the job done, and doesn’t require winning a lottery, since car dealers can still turn a profit on a used car at a lower price. Sure, you won’t impress your friends and you might miss the bell

Source: It Takes All Types (of Housing) — Strong Towns

What makes anything affordable, not just housing? Mostly, it’s supply in relation to demand. It then stands to reason that if you want to bring down the price of something, you just increase its supply.

Why do we even need tax credits and all the politics that come with it to find good housing for seniors — or anyone else for that matter? Just because you don’t want to live at Uncle Buddy’s doesn’t mean that someone else won’t and be grateful for it.

Something to consider with all the “affordable housing” under construction in Montgomerty County of late and its messy relationship with county Democrats, Israel Roizman, and some other unsavory characters.

(Thanks to Ann Brennan for the tip).

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