Results of Jenkintown’s Beautification, Part 4

Yesterday, I toured Greenwood Avenue, where a good part of the curbings appear to be made of granite, not slate. This interests me only because my hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts typically used granite curbs, which typically hold up better against the elements and snow plows. My mom’s neighborhood, built in 1971, and sees about the same amount of traffic as your average Jenkintown side street, has yet to repave the street or replace any of the curbs. No, she did not have sidewalks, but if she were still alive, she’s probably say “See? I told you so.” This, despite the fact that Springfield maintains its sidewalks. City ordinance only requires residents keep them clear.

The Verizon building near the train station does indeed cut a fine presence in our town, but it would appear that the Borough conveniently overlooked this patchwork. This meets code? [UPDATE: Soon after we published this photo, this section of sidewalk was fixed.]

IMG_0589More corner cutting (literally!)

IMG_0591Again, the pavement here is absolutely level with the sidewalk.

IMG_0596This meets code. How long before this begins to crumble?

IMG_0610 I’d like to start a pool to see when the corners of this construction start to break off. I give it three years or less. (Yes, I found this bottle there and discarded it in my own recycling.)

IMG_0603I almost have no words for this. No curb at all, and a severely eroded (or snow-plowed) older block. This meets code.

IMG_0616You’ll find this mess where the asphalt lies level with the granite curbs about ten feet up Florence Street. The Borough considers this safe? Heaven help them should a kid come skateboarding down this sidewalk (or road) and loses control.

I should note that I saw, I think, four properties that have yet to do the work and could possible be considered non-compliant, the most along any block in town so far.

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