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Jenkintown Math Fail: Replacing A [name your building] With Parking

If we’re going to take a risk, why not on a new dog park, or facade improvements to downtown buildings, or a connected sidewalk network? If you’re reading this and starting to think about these issues, I highly encourage you to get involved in your city. Attend City Council meetings, go to Planning Commission meetings, and make your voice heard.  I would bet a pretty penny that your city leaders have never once done the math. Do it for them. Let them know if a proposal is risky and offer up your thoughts

Source: Doing The Math: Replacing A Historic Home With Parking — Strong Towns

Jenkintown is hardly unique in its inability to “do the math” when it comes to the true cost of parking. As this article says, if local business wants to provide more parking, they can build the spaces themselves. But they won’t because they or their accountants know full well that parking does not pay for itself. So, that’s why they appeal to government which then forces the burden upon taxpayers.

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