Sign the Petition: Put Parking back on Old York Road in Jenkintown

Route 611/ Old York Road traffic is making it impossible to revitalize Jenkintown’s commercial district. It’s four lanes of traffic make what is the heart of our town hostile to pedestrian traffic. Thanks to the fact that parking is not allows on the street, there exists no buffer between the traffic — which is both voluminous and typically in violation of posted speed limits — and pedestrians. Unfortunately, this road is owned and controlled by PennDOT, which has expressed little interest in the needs of Jenkintown or its survival.

Restoring on-street parking accomplishes two things: It provides the buffer pedestrians need to feel safe while on the sidewalk, and it provides much needed parking for local businesses. It would also help to restore the traditional small-town charm of the community, bolster property values, and make Jenkintown a retail magnet once again.

To help this happen, and because Jenkintown’s Borough Council has failed to make this issue its number one priority, we have set up a petition on to be sent to Governor Tom Wolf. If PennDOT refuses to listen to us, maybe it will listen to its boss.

Please sign the petition!

Especially if you live in the Jenkintown area and would like to see the traditional charm restored to this borough.

Make Jenkintown a Pedestrian-First community!