Jenkintown Borough Council Meeting, 2-27-2017

This month’s Council meeting discussed among other things:

  • An upcoming hike in our trash disposal fee due to the awarding of a new contract with BFI
  • The outcome and further plans for the proposed Cedar Street park
  • The application for a matching grant ($20,000) for the gateway project.

Council is treating this park as a fait accompli. While we understand that there is a great deal of opposition to this idea, and one that we consider highly dubious and underhandedly administered, it didn’t show up at this meeting. Please show up at the committee hearings and make your voice heard.

Also, we know that the sound quality of these videos aren’t the best. If anyone can assist with this and perhaps donate a good directional microphone that works with an iPhone 7, that would be enormously helpful. We’re sure the community will thank you for it.

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