Official silence

More than two weeks ago, I wrote letters to our borough manager and my three (count them, three) of twelve(!) borough councilors explaining our situation. As of today, I haven’t received so much of an acknowledgement of receipt from any of them.

Today, I sent my councilors this email (along with another copy of the letter):

More than two weeks ago, I sent you the enclosed letter. As my elected representatives, I thought I could at least expect the courtesy of an acknowledgement of receipt. Instead, not one of you saw fit to contact me in any way whatsoever.

In the meantime, I have also written to our state rep and our state senator, and both offices reached out to me.

Frankly, I’m mystified by your silence. Do you not think that my family facing a $3000 bill that we cannot afford to pay an issue not worthy of your attention? If so, why did you bother running for office? What could you possible hope to accomplish?

My councilors are Justin Mixon, Laurie Durkin, and Jay Conners. Ms. Durkin is running for reelection and Mr. Conners’s term expires this year, but I have no word yet if he’s also running.

UPDATE: I just received a very nice call from Jay Conners. Apparently, the borough does not notify councilors when they get actual letters nor does it forward them.

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