How much did Jenkintown residents spend so far?

Last week Walkable Jenkintown filed a Request for Information. We’d like to know what YOU have so far spent on sidewalk and curb repair as a result of the Paving Program.

The permit you or your contractor filled out and supplied to the Borough with your $25 fee included a line item for the estimate provided by that contractor for the total work. If the Borough entered this information into a proper spreadsheet, the total should be readily accessible. Hopefully Borough Manager George Locke will provide this information in a timely fashion.

When we have that number, we can then compare it with the wholesale rate, or PennDOT’s “going rate” for sidewalk and curb construction.

Just to remind anyone of our intentions, we have stated from the very beginning that this policy cost us too much. Besides all the ethical and potentially legal pitfalls, we believe that this policy costs residents of Jenkintown far more than it should and produces results of a much lower standard than it should.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy this image of Councilman Rick Bunker’s driveway apron.

Rick Bunker's Driveway Apron


    1. Interesting. The county might want to know about that then, because according to their records, you live at or own the house at 312 Summit Avenue. This detail photo enclosed shows the exact address.

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