Exercising my rights

I just spent an hour up at Borough Hall reviewing the copies of all the sidewalk permit applications between April 2015 and September 26, 2016. Rick Ware, our Right-to-Know officer was most accommodating, particularly when I showed him the ruling that does allow me to photograph the records, despite his original assertions to the contrary.

One other point: Yesterday, Rick Bunker accused me of “wasting taxpayer dollars” on my “quixotic” efforts. I wonder then why this or any municipality charges permit fees, if not to cover the cost of their maintenance and public review? Why would a democratically elected official want to deny a citizen their right to this information or worse, to shame them for requesting it?

When did Council vote to make Rick Bunker the Borough Bully Boy?

After just a cursory glance, the permits do reveal some interesting information. The biggest thing that sticks out is the fact that some residents really got fleeced by certain contractors, especially compared to their neighbors. That in and of itself is reason enough to end this madness.

More to come.

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