Little Birdhouses for Jenkintowns Soul are free for Jenkintown residents only.

Little Birdhouses for Jenkintown’s Soul

Making these birdhouses is the result of my reawakened interest in woodworking and an attempt to transition from a career in front of a computer screen.

Thanks to some recent tool acquisitions and the generosity of dear friends, I finally have the workshop that I’ve always wanted. I can finally make things that actually cast a shadow.

Elaine and Charles Graveline
My mother and grandfather or pépé (French-Canadian) on her wedding day, 1952.

My grandfather, Charles “Chick” Graveline, was a master carpenter who used to make birdhouses as a way to use up his pile of scrap wood. I have an example of one of those birdhouses in my back yard that the birds use every year. 
In that tradition and to help me hone my skills, I offer these to 
the community.

All I ask in return is that you take a photo of it when you hang it and send it to me at or post it on my WalkableJenkintown Facebook page.

I will occasionally put a small batch of them on a small table in my front yard, but you can request one as well. In honor of Jenkintown’s Color Day festivities, I typically make them in either red or blue. I can do special work as well, so contact me so we can discuss.

If the name of these birdhouses confuses you, watch this: